About Us

About Us


DOCTORS EDUCATION is an overseas consultancy and an advisory board that specifically deals with mbbs and pg career of medical aspirants in INDIA & ABROAD ( GERMANY, ITALY, AUSTRIA, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, PHILIPPINES )

DOCTORS EDUCATION also work with Designated officials of leading Universities to promote and percolate the fineness and world-class distinction of medical education & Health Care Industry that overseas inherently has to offer.

Today DOCTORS EDUCATION has successfully completed a decade of service since its inception in 2011 under VIDHYA GROUP, Catering our services both domestically and internationally.

We make sure that the aspirant gets best education in one of the finest universities with world class amenities and facilities. The global exposure is an important aspect for any medical aspirant as it gives a new dimension to the existing knowledge of the student so he/she would get an edge above others when coming to settle either in his home country or destined education place with good chances of settling.

DOCTORS EDUCATION has its H.O. in HYDERABAD and its host of representatives and staff are ready to disseminate the right knowledge and experience to all the aspiring students to help take the right overseas decision, cater to their needs, select suitable courses and do the future planning in co-creating a bright and distinguished career.

How are we Different from Others or What Makes Us Unique

  • DE has vast connections in advisory health boards in INDIA & ABROAD
  • INTERNSHIP is not possible in overseas for NON RESIDENTS , whereas we place students in the hospitals to complete their Internship which in-turn will be a paid one.
  • Rotations or Clinical Experiences is one of the important factor that helps an aspirant to understand the local problems of patients of destination country and also provides knowledge about the tropical diseases that one should understand for providing better treatment in future for loacls.
  • Along with basic assessment of a profile, DE gives atleast 2 to 3 options (countries) for a student to choose from where he/she will have a chance to settle along with family based on their academics and skills.
  • Most of the countries away from INDIA requires MEDICAL COUNCIL REGISTRATION of an aspirant who wants to practice as a full time doctor in their country, which in turn requires assessment of a candidate based on MEDICAL ENTRANCES conducted by the MEDICAL GOVERNING BOARD of that country , DE has good references among the boards which can help student understand the break down in complications to qualify .
  • We also have a team which is active in multiple locations (EUROPE) that can Train students for these exams and help them to clear these entrances.
  • DE has expert trainers for exams like PLAB, GERMAN language B1& B2, SWEDISH B1 & B2 ,USMLE
  • A dedicated professional counselor is assigned individually for every case who would co-ordiante with aspirant and their family thus keeping them in loop for time to time updates on his progress for abroad career.