Registration Process

Registration Process


While the EU students biggest worry is about not missing the deadline to register for the exam, the non-EU students need to go through lengthy processes such as the pre-enrollment.

Usually around April MUIR releases the specifications of the exam such as the date, syllabus and registration period. Registration usually opens early July, and ends late July. The registration period is usually only open for 3 weeks! Once registration opens the instructions are identical for both EU and non EU students.

The embassy will tell you what documents and papers to prepare. The paperwork and requirements are different from country to country, but some documents are common.

Declaration of Value (DOV)

Proof that you have 12 years of education and are eligible to apply to an Italian university. It is issued by the consulate of the country the institution (your school) is based in.

Form A:

  • Pictures of you
  • Copy of passport
  • Important: The universities do not require English or Italian language proficiency tests, but a consulate may require them so you should ask them (for the student visa).